Everything in a Typical French Breakfast


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I love this saying because when in France you get to eat what the French eat. Everything that involves food has my heart and I believe it does for you too. That is why we are here today.

The article shall be all about a French breakfast. You will find that what cuts across all these foods is nutritious and healthy they are. This is because French people have a very strong inclination towards living healthy and eating healthy.

It is not an invitation to switch your diet because French breakfast does change across the country and some people choose to have their breakfast differently from others.

You can play around with the variety of options you have as long as you keep your breakfast healthy. In case you’re looking to enroll in a dietary program there are some companies within France that can help you with that.

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Below is a list of foods typical to a French breakfast.

1.A hot drink

Like many other people having a hot drink for breakfast is not new here. Coffee with or without sugar is very common for breakfast and people may choose to accompany their coffee with bread or toast.

Tea is also very popular for a French breakfast.  It may be creamy tea, black tea, lemon tea, or any type of tea whatsoever depending on somebody’s preferences.

It is also very popular to find a hot chocolate as a swap for tea in French. For those people who are not interested in caffeinated coffee or tea, a majority are inclined to have hot chocolate instead.


It is never a French breakfast without bread. Bread is commonly taken for breakfast lunch or dinner in France.

One big misconception about a French breakfast is that French toast is part of it. Well, French toast is not a bad popular in France. People here prefer to have their bread and the morning with spreads like jam, butter, marmalade, honey, or jelly on top.

Having toast for breakfast in French is also an option for some people. Toast is common but it doesn’t necessarily have to be toasted bread.

3.Juice or fruits

Part of a healthy French breakfast includes a glass of freshly prepared juice. The most common type of juice that people drink for breakfast is orange juice.

Fruits also help to keep breakfast balanced and healthy.


When you think of France and its food culture, sweet pastries come to mind, don’t they? Well, pastries are taken for breakfast, but they are not as common as you may think.

A majority of the people prefer taking croissants for lunch or dinner but only text them for breakfast during the weekend.

There are no rules on when and how you should take your croissants. Have as much as you can for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a midnight snack. Because it is delicious and why not.

The most common types of croissants you will find in France are;

  • Plain croissant – The most popular type and you can buy one and go add your preferred toppings at home.
  • Chocolate croissant – This is the second Common type of croissant. They are plain croissants smeared with chocolate toppings.
  • Buttered croissant – Buttered croissants are typically plain croissants with extra butter.
  • Almond croissant – The almond croissant is prepared by stuffing almond paste. The top of the croissant will also have some almond.

All these are great options you can have for breakfast accompanied by your cup of coffee or hot tea. You can, however, take your croissants on the weekend like the french do, to keep your anticipation for the weekend going.


Taking cereals for breakfast has significantly grown in popularity in France. Cereals with little added sugar are the most preferred for children. It can be accompanied by fruits like bananas and raisins and of course, milk.

They make a combination of a very healthy breakfast.


A typical French breakfast will vary depending on whether it is for adults or kids. Many adults prefer coffee for their breakfast, but kids are normally served cereals or bread accompanied with milk in the morning.

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