Football Training Tips in Dribbling

There is an almost artwork mentality to dribbling the ball across the pitch. It isn’t enough to simply rely on quick feet to keep the ball on the move and go past your opponents; in addition, you need to have a strong core, the ability to keep your head up while moving forward with the ball, and a good touch.

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There are a number of great sites and videos out there dedicated to helping you to improve as a player. Learning the skills is only part one, with repetition and practising the techniques in a game also going a long way in helping you to develop.

An essential dribbling drill for every player

The cone weave is a fundamental starting point for every player who wants to master the art of dribbling. Placing between 15 and 20 cones on the pitch in a line, roughly a foot and a half apart, you dribble with one foot and weave your way through the cones to the end, making sure to take as many touches as you can using both the outside and inside of your foot. This drill improves your ability to keep the ball tight to your body with controlled touches while maintaining movement.

Once you master your dribbling technique, there are some fantastic charities that enable you to take part in helping others whilst putting into effect your new skills.

Improving your game using videos

Working on your dribbling skills will improve both your technique on the ball and your ability to read the game. There are some fantastic soccer drill videos available from resources such as, where you will find a number of incredible videos that will improve you as a player.

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Soccer is all about practice – the more you practise, the fitter you will be and the better chance you have of improving as a player. Using drill videos will give you the chance to improve your techniques and your reading of the game but remember that it is also important to play matches.

Whether joining a team or helping with a soccer charity, putting your new skills into a match and testing them out against opponents rather than cones is a perfect chance for you to see the development of your game.

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