Signs That You’re Spending Plenty of Time on Your Phone


It’s more difficult to control your time, and you’re always at home. This pandemic gave you no choice but to work at home. As a result, you end up spending more time using your phone than you normally would. It’s understandable if your job requires you to do so. However, there are instances when you spend more time using your phone, and it’s not healthy anymore.

Your screen hours tell you that you do

Most phones have a new feature that indicates how much time you spent using your phone. In some instances, it will even show the breakdown of how you used your hours. It will tell if you spent a lot of time working or if you only used it to browse your social media pages. It’s easier to control your time when you know if you already went beyond your usual schedule.

You can’t follow your schedule

It helps if you have a regular schedule to follow. You can balance your time between work and family. You can also spend enough time with your friends. However, if you use your phone often, your schedule won’t be easy to follow. Once an activity gets delayed, everything else is on the line. Therefore, it’s terrible if you can’t control everything because of your addiction to mobile phone use.

You can’t control yourself

If there are times when you can’t control yourself, and you keep looking for your phone, it means that you spend too much time using it. You can hardly control your longing to browse your phone. Even if you don’t need it for anything, you still keep looking for it.

Everything else is affected

If you can no longer concentrate on your work or spend time with your family, it shows that you already have a mobile phone addiction. You need to gradually cut back on how you use your phone. It’s not easy. Like any other form of addiction, you will have a hard time getting rid of your phone.

It’s time to change

If you notice that you’re spending too much time on your phone, it might be time to change. You can start by purchasing an EMF protection necklace from You won’t immediately change your schedule. The least you can do is protect yourself from radiation.

You can start by setting the number of hours. If you already reached your target hours, you have to stop using your phone. It doesn’t matter if you wish to browse your social media pages or use it to work. You need to stop. It would help if you also considered your health. If the constant use of your phone already affects your health, you need to change.

It takes time to see changes, but you have to be patient. It also helps if you can start other activities that don’t require the use of a phone. You will gradually forget your phone until you no longer go beyond your number of hours for using the phone each day.

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