Where Can I Study to be a Personal Trainer?


When you have an interest in personal fitness and your health, making a career of your interest is ideal. After all, this means you get to do something that you love on a day-to-day basis and make money from something you enjoy. However, personal trainers need qualifications before getting to work. Learn more about what qualifications you need and where you can study to be a personal trainer.

Why do I need to study to be a personal trainer?

Whilst you might think you have your own lifting form and technique perfected, working with other people in any environment provides a significant risk. If your students get stresses, strains or any other injury, you could be liable. Studying for work as a personal trainer means you learn more about exercising with the correct form and how to guide people in their own exercise. Not only do you see better results over time, but you do so in a way that keeps everyone safe.

What qualifications do personal trainers have?

Personal trainers have several qualifications, including:

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

This basic qualification covers some of the essentials of instructing people in building their health and fitness. This trains learners to prescribe fitness plans to their clients, plan exercise sessions ahead of time and complete each of the exercise routines in a careful manner. Experience of spending time in a gym is a necessity, and this is the first step anyone takes on the route to working as a fitness instructor or personal trainer on a full-time basis.

CIMSPA Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing & Personal Training

After completing a Level 2 Certificate, looking to study Active Level 3 courses is the next step in the process. This takes the learning from Level 2 up a tier, helping candidates to specialise in certain areas of personal training. Adding Level 3 Nutrition and Level 3 Personal Training to your portfolio of skills means that a personal trainer has all of the competencies they need for work as a personal trainer.

Where can I study to be a personal trainer?

You can get training to be a personal trainer from a lot of different places, but Study Active offers one of the most innovative packages. The CIMSPA Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing & Personal Training rolls all of the relevant Level 2 and Level 3 diplomas into one simple package. Freelance personal fitness trainers earn up to £100 an hour with private clients. So, getting started quickly is ideal.

Get in touch with the Study Active team today to find out more about the courses available and get started on your journey to become a personal trainer.

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